5 Chrome Extensions that Will Keep you Sane and Avoid Digital Clutter

Episode – 017- 5 Chrome Extensions that Will Keep you Sane and Avoid Digital Clutter

You know the drill...too many tabs open. Notifications popping up everywhere. Forgotten passwords...

There is an easy solution to this: in today's podcast episode I'm sharing 5 of the best Chrome extensions you can use to avoid digital clutter, be more focused and get rid of those 20 browser tab open in one click. Listen now!

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Full transcription

Hello and welcome to Episode 17 of the online business tech hub. This is your host, Alessia, tech expert for online coaches and consultants on a mission to rescue my clients from tech disasters. And in this episode, I want to tell you about something that has really helped me a lot in being not only more productive, but also being a lot more focused in my work.That is something that it's so annoying for everyone and it's the constant stream of notifications. So in this episode, I want to tell you about 5 chrome extensions that have been very helpful to organize my work and simply keep me in flow and feeling more organized.

One thing I want to tell you before we dive into today's episode is that chrome extensions shouldn't be used all the time. You shouldn't have too many chrome extensions active because otherwise they slow down your browser. They make up a lot of the memory. And you might also have problems, meaning that some apps you are using may not be working properly if you have too many extensions active.OK, so I'm going to tell you about 5 I use regularly. But keep in mind that you can install chrome extensions and you can turn them on and off depending when you need them based on when you have the need for using that specific extension.

Obviously, you can't do that with each and every extension of some. It's actually better to keep them on active all of the time, but with some others you can absolutely turn them on and off depending on when you need them.Now, in case you're not sure what chrome extensions are, briefly, they are additional tools you can download from the Chrome stores or from the browser Google Chrome website, where most of them, the vast majority of them are all free. And you basically install these little apps onto your browser and they help you in your work, in your productivity, in your files.OK, now extension number 1, which is one of my favorites, it's been really useful for me to use this extension and it's called run tab. So this is a really, really simple and very light app that basically avoids that. You have twenty five million tabs open in your browser.

OK, so I don't know about you, but I often have different tabs, a lot of browser windows with all different topics, maybe websites that I want to check and maybe some tools and software such as some blogs I want to read. And because I have a double screen, then I can keep two tabs on one screen and another two or three tabs on another screen, which is kind of overwhelming.So one tab with one click saves all of the tabs you have open in one browser window and you can go and click and check them out later. You can share this list of pages that you saved as a Web page. So, for example, you can share that link of a specific list of four, five, six, ten different pages that you want to check. You can share it with someone else. You can send it to your email so you can check them on the go when you have nothing else to do. It's really handy. Really, really simple, really handy. And literally in one click, it saves all of the tabs you have open in your browser.

Second extension is Inbox One Ready. So Inbox One Ready. Something that I found out about not too long ago. But since I started using it, it really changed the way I approach my inbox and the emails, because as the name suggests, it's a plugin that helps you in a way, ready your inbox so you can. Since your inbox, but if you have the extension active, you will not see any e-mail. You will see just a blank space. You can still search for specific e-mails. So if you are looking for a specific e-mail from a client or from a team member, you can still access and type in the search bar and look for a specific email. If you remember the sender, for example, or if you remember the subject line, but you will not see all the new e mails in coming. But sometimes, for example, when when I open my inbox, like on Monday, it's overwhelming. There are so many e-mails there.

So because I know that I may need to access my inbox on Monday mornings, but I don't want to see the mountains of emails waiting for me then inbox when ready. It's literally a life saver. I absolutely recommend this. They have a free version and they have a premium version when you can schedule when the inbox basically appears again automatically.The next extension, extension number three, its Last Pass. So I will be making a whole episode about Last Pass because it's super useful and it's also very safe to use. But basically Last Pass is is a password manager. You can store there they are, all your login details. And with the help of the extension that you installed on Google Chrome with Click, you can out to populate the locations of specific websites without you having to remember the login detail and the password. The user name and password are really handy. This is super useful. I also use it in my personal life when, for example, I need to log in to my bank and I don't remember the login, which is a random series of numbers. But it's a safe way that helps me access to my online banking whenever I want without having to carry with me a piece of paper what I have written down the logging detail, or if I have to look for, I don't know, a document that I save on Google Drive that has all the passwords and so on.

A really handy extension number 4 is Pocket. It's another super handy extension that basically helps you save in a vault, which is your account, any sort of piece of content you come across online. So you want to save a blog post because you want to read it later instead of leaving the tab open, hanging there, waiting for you, you can save it with pocket. And what I particularly like about this app is that you can also sell it on your phone.

You can access this vault of blog posts or contents that you have saved from social media, from different websites. But the nice thing is that you can also add tags so you can add categories to distinguish the content, to separate the content. You might have a tag for your business stuff. You might have a tag for, I don't know, personal stuff, for example, I have a business tag and then I have a food tag because I see all the recipes that I come across and that I want to remember. OK, so I have a food tag and I can filter all the content that I have saved in Pocket according to the tag. So if I want to look for the recipes, I will just select the specific tag and I will see all the list of recipes that I have saved. So it's really handy, super useful.

Another one that is super useful. And last but not least, the fifth extension, is Loom. So Loom is an app that is a free version and a paid version that basically helps you record your screen in one click. You don't have to open another software like, I don't know, for example, quick time or any other video recording software on your computer. You have this tiny extension on your browser that you simply click and then the recording starts and you can decide if you are recording, if your webcam is just recording you your face, if it's just recording the screen or if it's recording. Both you yourself and the screen, this is super useful when in your business you need to send quick videos for feedback or video tutorials. I use it all the time with clients when I need to show them quickly. Because the cool thing about this app is this extension is that once you have installed it, you can also add it to your Gmail inbox, which means that you have direct connection between your inbox and your Loom Video Vault. So you can insert in one click the video tutorials that you have recorded for your clients and send them immediately via email.

They are adding really, really a lot more functionality in these days. Now, for example, you get out of my thick transcription of your content that you record there. And I have to say the transcription is quite good, even with my weird accent. It works really well and there is very little editing to make in the text. You can do basic video editing as well. You can do password protected videos. So this is really useful if, for example, you use Loom to record videos for your online courses, for example, super handy. Another one that is super handy. So this was extension number 5.

And just to summarize, we talked about the 5 best Google Chrome extensions that help you stay sane, avoid digital clutter, be more focused and in a flow, and they run tab in books when really last pass pocket and loom in the show notes, you will find all the links to these extensions so you can go and check them out.One last thing before we finish this episode. It's just remember that you can go crazy with so many extensions, but they shouldn't be active at all time because they will slow down your browser and they will take up a lot of memory and it might potentially give problems using other apps, for example, your inbox or any other. So you use extensions sparingly. You can turn them on and off depending on when you need them.If you have extensions that you want to use all of the time. Don't overdo it. Don't install too many. Just focus on those that are really important and that allow you to do your work.

Well, OK, now, if you like this episode, don't forget to subscribe. So you get your errors immediately when the next episode is being published. And also if you enjoy this show, share it with your friends. That would be absolutely amazing and I would be eternally grateful to you. I will talk to you next time. And that's it for today.

Bye bye.