Today I’m hosting Gosia, a fun and funnel marketing strategy. She’s the backstage gal, helping passionate female entrepreneurs strategize & effortlessly grow their business online with funnels & FB ads… while feeling excited all along the way!
I’m so excited about this interview because we cover really different topics like feminine energy and funnels! If you’re curious, just click play and enjoy the interview, or scroll down for the caption.




Alessia: Great, we are here again and I’m so glad to be here with a special person today and I’m really happy to interview Gosia. 

Alessia: Thank you so much for accepting my invitation to be interviewed. I’m really happy to be here with you today and I can’t really wait to learn more about you and your entrepreneurial journey.

Gosia: Thank you and thank you so much for having me here. I’m so excited to be speaking with you today.

Alessia: Before we dive in, even if you have never seen me, my name is Alessia and I am a tech expert and online business strategist.   And as I said today, I have a special guest here with me. Gosia is a fun and funnel marketing strategy. She’s the backstage gal, helping passionate female entrepreneurs strategize & effortlessly grow their business online with funnels & FB ads… while feeling excited all along the way! She helps her clients stay in the “pure joy, freakin’ love what I do!” zone and believes that magic happens with fun & flow, not by pushing hard. So I really love this introduction, lots of energy and positive feelings.

Gosia: Yes. Thank you. Thank you so much, and it’s something that I learned along the way myself. You know, we hear so often that we actually should be pushing hard, stay out of your comfort zone and do the stuff and you know, 10 x your results, etc. And at some point, I discovered it just wasn’t working for me anymore, that it was a kind of a masculine way of approaching stuff and running your business. So I started looking for other ways that could really work for me because as I was trying to push harder and harder, I just used to finish on the verge of burnout and stuff like that. So that, that’s the solution I found. You need to be joyful.

Alessia: I love that you mentioned the more feminine approach because I’m all about helping women the same as you do. So I really liked the thing that you put a stress on a more feminine approach.

Gosia: Yes, this is really funny because this is something that I only recently discovered, I was working with Shakti manifesting ladies, this was a course on manifestation and how you can actually manifest through being orgasmic in your life. And they explained that the females are very different when it comes to handling your energy: we can work in spirals, you know, in cycles while men entered this arousal mode and everything kind of explodes and your energy goes down. And I was in that mode of this masculine approach for most of my life and only after I discovered that we actually work in spirals, we grow slowly and at each turn of the circle, increase our energy levels, doing more and more in feeling more joyous about it without stopping.  You know, this was, this was an amazing concept for me.

Alessia: That’s really fantastic. I’m really into this topic too and I’m looking forward to hearing maybe a bit more about it.

Gosia: I think we had this in common that we are both coming from a very left-brained approach, like being tacky, strategizing really logical brains.  I’m discovering my right side, I also always been creative but not much listen to my intuition, not much tapping into my feminine side, the more discovery it, I can see how it can really empower me and my business and my life the way I show up. So it’s an amazing journey for me.

Alessia: I can see it really your eyes shining when you talk about it! But, tell us: how did you start your business?

Gosia: That’s a good question because I started my first business like 10 or 12 years ago. It was digital marketing agency. I was working at some other digital marketing agency with my best friend at the time, he was a web developer. We just talked together and said, “hey, we could do this on our own”. So we started this, it was really fun years, it was really great, but you know, as you are working in advertisement industry, there are always deadlines. Everything is done at the last moment and at some point,  although I was really enjoying all of that, I was working with various people, the creatives, the programmers, the CEOs, high brand companies. But then, I really faced burnout at the time. I just had enough, being constantly at work and rushing and spitting up. Everything was so fast paced that I just couldn’t stand this anymore. And at the time I discovered I was pregnant. So I just went to my business partner, I told him, “look, I just can’t stand this anymore. I’m pregnant. And I just want to quit”. And then I literally turned on my feet and I quit that day.

Gosia: I sold my shares in the company to my peer partner and then for the next quite a few years I was looking for my own path, I launched kids wear brand on the way. I wanted to design some nice stuff for my son, a very common path for fresh mothers. But then I realized that actually, I liked designing than running this fashion kind of company. So I got back to basics and I decided that I should use my skills. I was always good at digital marketing so I should get there, but I didn’t want to work with big companies anymore, I didn’t want to help them sell goods and make the ROI, be good with numbers. I wanted to work with people whose work really make sense. So I decided that I will niche down to working with coaches, life coaches, all types of entrepreneurs that actually help to make our lives better. And it’s kind of selfish as well because I always wanted to be a better mother, or a better wife, a better lover, so I was looking for this type of people to help me with my own life, but now  I help them to get seen and get heard and get recognized so we all can improve our lives. So this is my way of making this change in the world from the backstage.

Gosia: All of us are in the places where we really want to be and where we enjoy what we’re doing. This is what life should be about. Right?

Alessia: And I really love this, that you’re really open about the ups and downs and also the different things that you tried and you saw that didn’t work out. So how did you feel when you realized that things weren’t really working out? So for example, the kids wear wasn’t really your thing. Did it feel bad to turn back? Did you feel fine just to let it go?

Gosia: I kind of felt sentiment around that, but I was also exhausted. You know, running a fashion brand means you need to go to the events, for fashion shows and this is really hard physical work: you need to be on your feet for 12 hours, etc  You need to deal with the manufacturers. I learned so much stuff, so it was quite a journey, but I was happy that it was ending and when I realized that I want to go back to my road and get into the digital marketing again, with this new mission, with a specific ideal client. This instantly felt good. I kind of abandoned the old project so I had somebody who helped me sell the rest of the stuff, deal with the stock, with the shipping, etc. But I didn’t really took much time dealing with that and the more I switched to this new venture (and it was a journey on itself), the more I discovered that the past two years for me were also a big process of discovering and refining.

Gosia: And I could do Branding, I could do marketIng, I could do funnels, I could do ads,  and I was looking for a way to do how can I name this under one umbrella without confusing my audience and also being really clear about who I want to work with. So all this refining was also a process which had its ups and downs in terms of the way how I expressed my energy. For example, two or three months of downtime after running a new project to recover my energy. So it was a whole learning curve all the way.

Alessia: What you’re saying is really interesting because you’ve also run virtual summits summit last year and I was also on the backend on other summits, and being behind the scenes of a telesummit and it’s a huge work, but I guess for you it was even bigger work. So can you tell me in and whoever is watching a bit more about that summit and how did it go?

Gosia: This was a very interesting experience. We put lots of work in. I was working with my friend Nesha at the time and we wanted to empower women to run their own businesses and you also see this, that we women are on the rise, we are getting empowered. We are starting our own businesses. We are having the courage to say things openly. Even with MeToo campaign and all this buzz around this action. And we wanted to help women understand how they can strategize powers, run their own business in their own way because there are so many ways people talk about how you should or shouldn’t be running a business.

Gosia: But very much of this advice comes from men. And I recognize that for many women it just doesn’t work.  That we need something different and we feel that we are kind of pushing ourselves hard and it’s against our feelings and we still want to have this time to spend with our family and be present within our family lives or with our kids. So it’s something that we wanted to help women to understand that they actually have the freedom to define their businesses the way they want.

Gosia: This was a lot of work. And what made this project hard was my perfectionism. In terms of what you said since you were also behind the scenes of a telesummit, I was amazed to see how easy you made it at least from my perspective. We tried to do it the way the big names did it

Gosia: but there were just two of us, not the whole team. So although we gathered amazing woman and we had really amazing feedback both from the speakers and from our participants, it was truly exhausting, and both I and Nesha decided to part our ways since then.  Only right now I’m feeling that maybe I could run another summit next time, but for a long time it’s been “Oh no!” and I had to really recover from this project for at least three months to really get back to my mojo and back into high gear. So this was truly an amazing experience, but it also taught me that I need to really stoke my perfectionism and be aware of what I can do given the time and resources that I have.

Alessia: Sometimes perfection is what is stopping us from doing anything. Saying “Oh no that doesn’t look perfect” but you know what?  We’re human. We make mistakes, we’re not perfect. Why should I stop myself from actually being myself? if I type something and there is a mistake, whatever. If you give a feedback and tell “hey, there is a mistake”, I go and check in and corrected. That’s fine. 

Alessia: There is no point that something like that stops you from putting your content out there hosting your summit or anything like that.

Gosia: Yes. Yes, exactly. And that’s one of the biggest lessons I learned that I really need to be aware of my perfectionist tendencies and really put them to stop. So each time I find myself over perfecting something I just ask myself “hey, if I get this right for the next half an hour, does it really help me get closer to my goals or not? “. And if the answer is no, I’m really mindful about, this answer. With this perfectionism you tend to have everything so nice and easy while really doing is the biggest thing that really helps you move forward with your business. And for example, very spontaneously, at the beginning of this year, I decided to a challenge for myself and do live streams for 21 days in a row.  Talking about funnels and fun, discovering how joy is important when you’re running a business and just be doing those live streams, I got recognized. People were reaching out to me saying “hey, I’ve been watching you on this live stream!” And also just from talking about what I do and my business journey, I realized what are the clients that I really, really, really want to work with and what they could be interested in, what I should be talking about. So this was very spontaneous, but I wouldn’t be where I am right now, and it was totally imperfect, which I’m so proud of myself that I did.

Alessia: I remember those live streams and they were amazing. They were both fun and packed with valuable context. so it was really perfect and it was just you: you could see that It was the real you without filters, without perfectionism without faking to appear or someone else more popular, more famous. You were just yourself. And it was really fantastic.

Gosia: Thank you. Thank you. And it’s a field that we so often put ourselves in, this pretending to be somebody else or doing things that we think we are supposed to be doing without the real feeling of joy. And that’s what I realized: that I want to help my clients feel that: I can take care of the tech or the strategizing, going for the marketing and let my client work within her zone of genius so she will feel joyful and can deal with her own clients and be doing the stuff that she wants to do. So it’s a real win-win situation in that case.

Alessia: I have another question for you: how does the next level look for you? What is the next big thing that you would like to make happen?

Gosia: So I realized that my next big thing should be developing a team that works with me and I was very hesitant about this though. After having my experiences with running a digital marketing agency when we had a team of over 20 people and it was a huge thing to run with. I learned how to be a good boss since then, I believe. I think this is something that I really want to do to get under my gear: to work with a copywriter, a designer, have this team where I could stay in my own zone of genius and the stuff I’m best at: launching things and strategizing and brainstorming. This is where I really shine. But if I have to do something like maintenance or daily implementation staff, this is the hardest part for me. I need somebody on my team who feels best at doing so, so I can shine in my other areas and then I could fully support my clients.

Gosia: One of the things I realized at some point is that I started feeling very hesitant about getting another client even if I was paid well it was because I knew I would put a lot of energy and effort into that and I kind of felt that this was really draining me of my own energy. So I started to feel dreadful about getting a new client, which totally sucks if you feel about that. So I knew I had to invent something for me. So right now I’m I’m actually launching a series of workshops and group programs and I can leverage my time and my energy. And the next big thing is, is really developing a team and working more like an agency and not as a one-woman show.

Alessia: That’s quite scary. Totally understand it. It’s quite scary when you decide to expand because at some point you reach that tipping point when you just need help. You need to have someone on your team that supports you and that lets you do the thing that you are really shining.  For example, I’m really bad at writing stuff and so on.  I don’t really feel in my zone of genius, but give me the tech and I’m fine, so I let other people do the writing.

Gosia: Exactly, know what you! At some point I gave up, like I can’t write Facebook posts, I can’t write blog posts because it takes me so much time. I can give somebody feedback in 10 minutes, but writing by myself, please don’t. So I’d rather go on video. And this is how you should build your business: you focus on what you can do and what you really enjoy doing and then the rest you either outsource or you cut it off.

Alessia: I totally agree with you. Can you tell us your favourite resource or book or anything that has been useful in your journey?

Gosia: I’m a bookworm really, so it’s kind of art for me to find just one, but from the books that I’ve recently read, the one by Jeanna Gabellini, it’s called Rock your Profits. I was really mesmerized by her message when I saw her telling you shouldn’t be out of your comfort zone if you want to really be successful with your marketing. We follow what everybody else tells you, like you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone. And there she says you need to stay in your comfort zone to grow! This really intriguing, so in this book, she gives you what she calls the profit place: that’s a set of exercises that help you go from a mindset where you have fears about getting new clients, when you really don’t enjoy running a business, to creating a really successful mindset and feeling wealthy and feeling comfortable about imagining yourself being wealthy and how you can build that wealth and abundance in your life.

Gosia: So this might sound a little woo-woo, but she’s really giving you very specific exercises which I totally adored, and she starts to acknowledgIng the place when you are currently at, looking at your strengths, visiting the pleasant future that’s awaiting you and taking aligned and inspired action. And it all goes back to listening to ourselves, listening to our intuitive side because for most of the times we do have the solutions we’ve asked, we just need to listen to the voice. So this was a very inspiring book for me. And I recommend everyone read it. I actually send it to all of my clients if they haven’t read that yet.  From the more techie side, I just recommend all the tools that can help us build stuff quickly and implement what we really need.

Gosia: So I’m, I’m a big fan of Clickfunnels and also if you’d rather work with WordPress, Thrive themes is amazing because they help you run a whole funnel, do the opt-ins and whatever you would need within your WordPress site to really boost the conversion rate.

Alessia: So we are about to close, but before we do, where people can find you and what’s the best place to get in touch with you?

Gosia: Actually the best place is Facebook, you can reach me out on my facebook fan page Gosia Potoczna and visit my website.   

Gosia: Thank you. Welcome everybody who is watching. If you have any questions, if you’d like to learn more about fun and funnels then feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be soon releasing a small gift for you on my website. So this will come up later on.

Alessia: And another thing that I want to add is that this week you started doing some live streams about quizzes to boost conversion rates. So that’s also if you’re looking for ideas for quizzes,  Gosia has them.

Gosia: Feel then feel free to reach out to me on my facebook page because I’ll be doing this next week as well. I’m running a little challenge for myself to help you brainstorm topics for your quiz, so if you want to generate or grow your email list using a quiz funnel and you have no idea what your quiz could be about, just drop me the question and I brace on that for you because I truly believe there is no industry that couldn’t use a quiz for lead generation.

Alessia: Fantastic. I’m so looking forward to hearing and to watch more of these videos. So thank you, everyone, for watching us, thank you Gosia for being here with us today and sharing all the amazing things about your journey and your experiences. I think it’s really inspiring and I want to stress again about, what you said about that we as women have a different energy and energetic approach to work and we’re used to a more masculine that it’s more linear whereas we work in spirals and proper cycles. I’m really close to this topic, to any woman who is watching us, if you have ever felt like you have ups and downs and one day you are super productive and the next day you’re not, it’s normal, it’s fine. That’s how we work.

Gosia: Exactly. Exactly. So yes. Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure to chat here with you and I’m so happy you found this inspiring.

Alessia: Thank you so much.


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