Today I’m hosting Lorraine Pannetier and I couldn’t be more excited!

Lorraine is a Copywriter and Content Creator who blends her writing skills with her natural gift of intuition to create beautiful heart-centred copy for creative entrepreneurs and women with a passion to make a difference.



How did you start your business?

So my copywriting business started about a year ago, but I’ve been writing for my whole life really, you know, even as a child or those little stories and poems and things that you write.
I’ve always loved language communication. Lots of my jobs in the past were in teaching: I taught fitness, nutrition and I’ve seen officers, I ended up teaching people sort of I.T. skills and things.
So there’s always been that teacher and communicator in me, uh, and then over the last 20 years I’ve been running a nutrition and fitness business and I was writing all my own content, so everything from the website, marketing brochures, programs, um, obstacle, my client reports or even did some ebooks and I was putting all this content out there and just, you know, obviously you’re not getting paid for a lot of that content you put out there and I thought, you know, I’m missing something here because I love writing.

I’m good at it. Naturally, why don’t I turn this into a business? So that was sort of one mindset that we’re sort of going on. And then separately to that, I’d really got into Oracle cards, you know, but like two roads, um, and I’d started following an American lady who did a reading every week. And then I bought myself some cards and the same card kept coming up that said, your life purpose involves reading, writing, editing, or selling spiritual based books. And it just, it just kept giving me, excuse me, kept giving me a message. And then one night over Easter, last year I woke up and I had this kind of complete download, as they call it, some people call it a divine download, like this idea from a dream or something. Um, and I just thought, right, yeah, I need to, I need to write for other people. And so within the space of three or four hours, I had a business name and idea, a target audience. I bought the domain name and I just kind of set it up. And then luckily it snowballs quite quickly because of the groups I was in.
I asked some of my favourite female entrepreneurs what they thought that. And they would all say, yes, sounds perfect!  it was a leap of faith of following my heart really.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

I think I’d definitely say follow your heart is a really good one. And sometimes we can be very stuck either with time or with our personal situation or with money.
Sometimes it can actually be difficult to move forward, but if you always follow your heart, I think that’s definitely an important way to go. And the other thing that I think I’ve carried through my whole business and my whole life really is integrity. And as a personal trainer before and working in nutrition, it would have been very easy in those times where I really needed the money to um, you know, sign up to sell a product, you know, where you get commission and things like that. Either a marketing scheme or whatever. It would have been very easy to join onto some of those things even if I didn’t really believe in them just to get the money.
I suppose I always knew in my heart that that wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I always, you know, there was very little I ever endorsed and the things that I did endorse were never paid. It was just my own experiences of a certain supplement or person that I really believed in. Um, so yeah, it definitely, integrity say, always keep your integrity, be very authentic.
That’s tuning into the real you and follow your heart.


What is the next big thing? What would like to happen in your business?

I think like a lot of us increasing our income is obviously always a good one. Getting away from that, having just enough to having maybe even doubled so that you can actually either invest in a business or take on more employees, maybe to upscale a little bit more travel.
It’s funny because like when it comes to holidays and things, some people will always budget for their holidays fast and other people wait til later on in the year and then say, oh, I don’t have enough money to go on holiday now. Um, and it’s funny when you stop to think about it, you think actually if I did plan that travel in advance, it would, it would bring so much more to me that would then enhance my writing.
That’s how I always used to think about it. So increasing income would be great.
So it really comes down to how am I going to do that? What do I, what do I really want to give to the world and where can I best serve my purpose I suppose.
I think it’s about creating perhaps an online program. So I’ve got some ideas in the pipeline that I’m working on getting an online sort of a DIY program that will help people to not teaching people how to write, but more about that tuning into your inner wisdom and your, your ideas and your values and everything else, and pulling that all together so that your brand really represents you.
And then when you get into that space, you’re writing flows more effortlessly. Obviously, some people hate writing, some people don’t feel they’re very good at it, some people, it’s not their first language. So for those cases, you’re probably always going to need to outsource your work.


What’s your favourite resource or book?

Ooh, lovely question. I think the one person that changed my life, my direction really in recent years is Rebecca Campbell who is an author and a speaker and her first book is called a Light is the new black.  It’s a beautiful book for lightworkers, so people like me, who will they sort of say, you know, you’re bringing some light into the world.
You’re inspiring people, you’re passionate, you’re bringing that positive energy into the world. It doesn’t just have to be through things like massage or crystal healing or anything like that. It can just be the kind of work you do as an entrepreneur that just brings this light into the world.
So I saw her speak at hay house ignite in in london a couple of years ago and then a few months later I went to her event in bournemouth on the south coast of england and it was. It was a beautiful day and the hotel was near the beach sort of up high and it was just all these women. It was about 110 of us. I like to think that there was 111 because that’s a really nice angel number, somewhere around a hundred and 11 women in this room.

Rebecca Campbell’s second book is  Rise Sister Rise. So if you’re interested, if anyone’s interested in that kind of sisterhood, energy, the vibration of the planet rising, then the great books to read, really easy to read, lovely bedtime reading books, really nice that fit.


Where can people find you?

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