How One Simple Thing I Do With My Clients Ensures That a Project Is Successful

Has it ever happened to you, that you expect someone (usually your partner/husband) to read your mind?

I mean, I don’t think I need to give him an official notice that something is annoying me…or do I?

Well, the other day I was a bit grumpy and somehow, I (unconsciously..?) expected that my partner would read my mind and know what was troubling me.

As he always says, he hasn’t yet found a decent “Alessia’s mind reader” on Amazon, so time went by, and I was even more grumpy.

Why couldn’t I get to open my mouth and say what was my problem?

Go figure, maybe my hormones will tell you….

Anyway, this experience gave me some food for thoughts…I started to think about how communication is actually THE KEY to making any project I work on with my clients, a successful one.

After I start working with a client, there is always a first “kickstarter” call that helps both the client and myself: it’s simply a must that helps us get to know each other a little more, understand goals, ways of working and generally speaking, it creates a connection.

This is where I really get to know the details of my clients’ businesses and goals, so it’s where I commit to help them succeed, really!

The next step to keep up the communication, are regular check-ins via email, or even better via project management

For me, is a simple way to map out a plan and execute it, see where I’m at and what’s left to do, but for my clients means peace of mind.

It means seeing that I’m moving forward and that I genuinely care for their project.

Of course, updating the task manager isn’t the only way to stay in touch: for longer projects, or for my Tech Uplevelers, a monthly call is an absolute MUST, it’s a check-in to see if we are going in the right direction, if something needs to be changed, and simply to connect “face to face” every so often, because although mine is an online business (and usually my clients’ is, too), I believe that the “human element” is vital to keep up the excitement and motivation for the project.

Seeing the updates and how the project, say an online course is put together, is nothing but thrilling, plus it simply gives peace of mind to my clients, knowing that I’m taking care of their projects.

In my experience, keeping in touch regularly and hopping on Zoom, even for a quick call, makes sure:

  • there aren’t misunderstandings,
  • is a way to show my clients the progress I’ve made,
  • gives us a chance to update each other,
  • and, if I have to tell you the truth, I enjoy feeling part of a team 🙂

Now, this is my way of working, and other people may not be doing the same, and also some clients don’t have the need for frequent updates and calls, so I’ve seen that in many cases is a personal preference.

In any case, whatever your preference, communication is the key to a successful project.

Now it’s your turn: what’s the best way you communicate with your team?

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