Have you noticed how easy it is to pay for a book on Amazon?
And have you ever stopped to think why is so easy? I’m sure you know the answer: to make it super easy for the buyer to pay. It happens in one click, before you even realise it.
As an online coach, you probably want the same: make it super easy for your clients to work with you (and pay you, of course).
If you have a smooth payment system, you remove the stress and doubts that may creep in when your payment process is lengthy and complicated.
Not having one, puts you in risky position of losing clients while they wait for your invoice.
And then they might ghost you.


Let’s be practical: taking a deposit or full payment on the phone, is a sign that your clients are committed to working with you.
You secure your clients while the momentum is high.
If you don’t have this system in place, you end the call, and then your prospects may start to overthink what you talked about, doubts start creeping in, and by the time you prepare the invoice, they changed their minds and decided that it isn’t the right time to work with you.
Why would you make your life harder by only accepting bank transfers?


You want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay you, because you want to make them feel absolutely safe and reinforce the idea that they made the right choice to work with you.
There are three tools you can use to take immediate payments, recurrent ones to have a steady cash flow, and that are super easy for your clients to use.
Let’s see them:
1)  PayPal: the most popular one because it’s so easy to set up. There is absolutely no coding required, all you need is a PayPal business account, and you’re ready to create buttons to embed on your website/emails and links to share to get paid in one click.
Since it’s so easy to use, it comes with higher commissions for every payment you receive.
2) Stripe. It has way lower fees than PayPal, but to use it, you need:
-a developer to code the checkout for you,
-use an invoicing tool like Xero, QuickBooks, WaveApp, And.Co or WooCommerce.
It’s slightly more complicated to set up Stripe, but once is all in place, it has the big benefit of saving you money on merchant fees.
3) GoCardless. It’s the most convenient of them all, but less popular just because it wasn’t launched a long time ago.
It works with many invoicing tools and its commission fees are the lowest: only 1% capped at 2pounds.
The only problem with GoCardless is that it can be used in the UK, Europe, Australia. They are adding constantly new updates and countries, so it’s definitely a payment tool worth keeping an eye on.
Absolutely the best if you are in the UK or Europe and your clients are all based there!
 Now, I know this sounds super amazing (because it is!!), but if tech isn’t really your jam, I can already see a question mark popping up on your face: how on earth do I set it up?
That’s the reason why I’m hosting a free workshop on November 28:
What’s in it?
Clarity on the only 3 tools you really can’t live without as an online coach.
Control over the tech overwhelm (because I’m showing you how these tools work!)
Simple but effective systems that help your business thrive beyond the tech hurdles.
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