How to make your marketing unique with Bonjoro

Episode – 022 - How to make your marketing unique with Bonjoro

Wondering how you can customise your marketing, make it really unique, and make your clients feel special?

Then you've got to put your face out there: I came across Bonjoro, a video tool that lets you send personalised messages to your leads, email subscribers, or clients.

I tried it and I'm in love with it: it's possibly one of the best apps for sending video messages. Curious? Listen here.

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Full transcription

Hello and welcome to Episode 22 of The Online Business Tech Hub, this is Alessia your host, tech expert for online businesses on a mission to rescue my clients from tech disasters. And today's episode is all about a really nifty tool I truly love called Bonjoro, and I want to share with you how you can make your marketing truly unique using this app.

I came across this app some time ago in a time when I was a bit frustrated about, you know, the usual marketing with lead magnets, freebies , ads, funnels, and so on. I was a bit uninspired. Maybe I was also a bit unmotivated, and I came across this video app that truly helps you make your marketing unique. And soon you will understand what I mean by this and its really helpful this Bonjoro app to make you stand out amongst the crowd of online businesses and so on.

Basically, what is Bonjoro? Bonjoro is a video tool that is extremely powerful for improving customer relationship, creating trust, and helping you create that connection between you and possible clients or email subscribers. Okay, so how does this work? How does Bonjoro work?

Basically, you can use the app on your phone so you can download it and use the app from there, or you can use it from the browser. And the whole point of this app is that you can record the personal message to send to a new customer, a new email subscriber so that you can welcome them. Thank them personally. So I find it really nice and pleasant. Also, the team from Bonjoro, when you sign up for their platform, they welcome you with a personalized video, and it's so pleasant. It makes you feel special.

You may think that it's something so silly and so simple, but it truly makes a difference because you have the feeling that you are being seen, you download the free resource or you purchase, I don't know, a digital product or you sign up for an online course and you get a personalized thank you and welcome from the business owner. It really makes a difference and it makes you feel special and it is such a positive experience. Okay. So that's why I think it's a really nice tool that helps you to make your marketing truly unique.

Within Bonjoro, you can create a workflow. So, for example, as I said, when a new customer buys a product or sign up for a service of yours, or when a contact downloads a specific freebie, you can get notifications and within the app itself, you will be notified that, hey, this person signed up for this freebie, and so you know that you should be recording a welcome video or a thank you video for that contact.

As I said, you can use the app from the browser and from the app that you can download onto your phone. Then when you have recorded the video, it arrives via email and it goes from the app itself and also the answers come to the app. But you also get notified to the email you signed up with that you have got a response.

Okay, you can customize the subject so you can optimize the open rates. You can test again with the subject lines and see which ones work better. You can add a call to Action with a button or with a simple link. You can track the open rate and the click rate. So you know who actually opens the message, who watches the videos, how many times the video has been watched, who clicked on the call to action and so on. It's a very personalized approach and a personal tool. It integrates with a lot of different tools. So with email marketing platforms. For example, I have integrated it with my active campaign account. So every time a new subscriber signs up for a specific freebie, for example, for Kickstart Your Email Marketing, which is my free five days email course. Then I get a notification and I can send a welcome video or a thank you video. It integrates with CRM like HubSpot and with Zapier, obviously with Zapier it gives you endless possibilities.

Okay, I personally use it a lot of times and it's always a joy. It's always so much fun. Many contacts, a high percentage of people have been sending the video messages too. They often respond many times and sometimes even with another video. And generally speaking, the open rates are a lot higher than newsletters, then basic email marketing. And then there is something else you need to keep in mind. That getting a custom video it's very rewarding and makes your customers your subscribers really feel special and unique.

So now about the cost. You can start with the free plan but it's a bit limited. For example, you can only have one workflow, but surely it is enough to get started because you can set the workflow that every time you have a new subscriber signed up to your email list, you get a notification or every time someone books a call with you. So for example, in the past I also had it set up that when I had a free call set up like a discovery call set up via Book Like a Boss, which is the meeting scheduler that I use. Again, I got a notification and I could send a welcome video and thank you video to the possible client. And I have to say it's such a pleasant experience to receive the custom videos, but also to have this video communication.

It really gets personal and you can create this relationship of trust with your possible clients and email subscribers faster. Alright, so in this episode we spoke about how you can make your marketing truly unique by literally showing your face, showing your personality with Bonjoro. That helps you to create trust with your prospective clients, your email subscribers, and that helps you make them feel special. And ultimately, that is what they are going to remember. The pleasant experience, the pleasant person they've been talking to. That's all that counts.

Okay, so give a try to Bonjoro. You find the link to this app in the show notes, and I just want to be very clear that the link you find in the show notes is an affiliate link, which means that if you sign up to the paid plan with my link, I may get a small Commission. However, the price absolutely does not change for you. So the price will be exactly the same whether you sign up to Bonjoro via their homepage or via my affiliate link, the price will absolutely not change for you. All right?

That's it for today for Episode 22. And I hope you will give a try to Bonjoro. And if you do, let me know how you find it. And if you're having fun using it. And if you see differences between using Bonjoro for your marketing and your email marketing, for example, I would absolutely love to hear from you, and I will see you next time.