My 5 steps process to create a fully automated business that works like clockwork

You run a profitable online business.

You’ve grown and scaled it.

You have a team but somehow…you feel like you’re still “busy” in the day-by-day activities.

You love what you do, you’re really passionate about it, but sometimes you feel like there are still too many things in your business that needs manual inputs, both from your side or your team.

Invoicing, managing your calendar, or social media.

Maybe you wish to take a step back and focus exclusively on VIP clients…Or to focus on what lights you up.

But the doubts start to creep in: what if taking a step back means affecting your visibility?

The truth is that yes, your visibility and marketing may be affected, BUT only if your systems are outdated.

They don’t serve your business anymore because you’ve outgrown them.

Want an example?

  • You’re still stuck with Mailchimp for your email marketing
  • You use different platforms to keep your business organized.
  • Struggling to find qualified, reliable AND committed team members?

I know how hard it is: I have VAs in my team, and let me tell you…it took some time before I found the right people I could trust and who would be emotionally invested in my business!

Knowing this, I wanted to develop a system that would make my clients’ lives easier!

Introducing: my 5 steps process to create a fully automated business that works like clockwork.

The goal?

Give my clients the time to focus on their zone of genius.

Now, before I tell you more about the 5 steps system, there are three keywords to keep in mind here:

  1. Customization,
  2. Commitment,
  3. Support

My system wouldn’t work if I wouldn’t apply these three values that light me up and motivate me every single day.

Now, let’s dive in.

Step 1 – Fix and Problem solve

Tech gremlins. They hit, hard. Especially when you less expect it.

So in step 1, I find and fix for good those painful tech troubles to make sure we are off to a good start.

To give you some examples:

  • Your freebies failed to deliver.
  • Your social media accounts disconnect all the time.
  • Your clients have troubles with your payment systems or accessing your online course..
  • and so on.

Anything that has been bothering my clients recurrently is the main priority.

Step 2 – Tech goals

In step 2, my clients and I focus on upcoming projects to grow and scale their businesses.

You want to launch a membership or online course.

Or you have it already, but you’d rather move it to another platform.

You outgrew your email marketing platform: you want to know more about your subscribers and your current platform doesn’t give you much flexibility.

During this phase, I study my clients’ businesses, goals and I research the best software for them.

Again, the key here is understanding and customizing.

Step 3 – Implement, Optimize and Automate

This step is where we start to take action on the goals we nailed down in Step 2!

Whether you want to smoothen your client onboarding system or jazz up your email marketing strategy: here is where the magic happens!

It’s seriously the most exciting part of the project – we see everything taking shape before our eyes.

Can you say I’m excited just writing about it?

This is where, besides I take action on the project(s), I start to take notice of what can be automated for good with limited supervision…

Step 4 – Outsource

…because once we discovered what we can automate, it’s time to look at what is left.

Decide what my clients can delegate so they can concentrate on their zone of genius and being the CEO. Exciting!

But sometimes, this may be the hardest part, especially if the clients aren’t used to outsource a lot of tasks, or used to ongoing team members.

At the end of the day though, running a profitable business means to let go of what keeps you busy and focus on what you’re brilliant at doing!

Step 5 – Maintain

We’re at the end!

At this point, my clients are the proud owners of a state of the art online business that works like clockwork.

But as with every business that grows, there’s always more to do and tech comes with its very own gremlins..

That’s the reason for this final step – here we focus on keeping the new structures up and running and fix problems.

Yes, it’s a long but rather simple process.

It takes time, passion, commitment and motivation..

But you know what’s the best thing here?

Seeing my clients running a profitable business that develops around their lifestyle.

Seeing them being successful and spend time doing what they love.

Impacting the world positively.

If you are an online business owner who’s looking to scale and automate your business to focus on what

really lights you up…