Have you ever enjoyed the rush of securing a new client only to be bogged down by the messy process of client onboarding?

Have you ever forgotten a small but integral piece of information for the client?

If you’re like the rest of us, then you’ll probably have found the onboarding process a problem at some point. Finding and securing new clients can be hard enough, so make sure to give them the efficient, impressive welcome that they won’t forget in a hurry.

Often, the struggle to onboard your newly acquired clients gets in the way of finding others. Admin effectively stops you scaling your business! Isn’t that silly?

The best way to make the right is through a slick, simple and organized client onboarding system.


My client onboarding improves your relationship with clients as well as takes away the hassle of the many admin jobs that much easier. There’s no manual handling of invoices and agreements or chasing of payments. This will all be organized for you. Instead, you can focus on your primary aim of providing a quality service and expanding your brand.

If you often find yourself held up by admin work and activities that are not directly supporting growth, then my onboarding system is for you.

So how do I do this? Well, I apply the skills I have! Thanks to my tech background, I know how to set-up optimized automated workflows with software that reduces all the hassle of your average day at the office.

Very clever software tricks are ideal for maximizing a client onboarding system for you,  I restructure your client onboarding system so that it is fully-fledged and ready to go straight from the off.

Because I automate each process, each new client will receive the same level of care throughout their onboarding experience. They will be offered the same detailed and heartfelt welcome to your brand automatically so that the level of service each client receives is consistently superb.

Who is this for?

My client onboarding system is for the woman in business who knows what she needs to do to scale her business and continue her success. It’s ideal for someone who:

  • Has been running her successful business for 2 to 3 years
  • Needs help keeping up with onboarding new clients
  • Wants to take responsibility of scaling her business to continue her success

What will you get?

Thanks to my automation, you won’t need to go over the same introduction each time you receive a new client. Clients won’t miss out on important information they need to utilize the service that they are paying for. And you won’t need to worry!

So what are the major promises and benefits of my client onboarding service?

  • Happier, more fulfilled clients
  • A fantastic client-provider relationship that you can nurture for a long time to come
  • Consistency and efficiency meaning each client receives optimum attention
  • You enjoy the gift of time to spend on doing the things you love


  • One strategy call to define the process you onboard your clients,
  • A fully automated systems that move your prospect to “client” easily and effortlessly, with no manual action from your side,
  • One final call where I walk you through the workflows and show you how the system works

Price:  297 euro

I was looking for a fast learnerproactive and organized person. Alessia has all these skills and thanks to her help I finally have more time to devote to the growth of my company and I don’t constantly feel in a rush or under pressure. It’s not necessary to do everything on your own: if you are always stressed and feel like you don’t have time for yourself, choose her!

Anh Thu Nguyen

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to have the system set up?
Depending on the complexity of the workflow, the usual length is about one month, but if you already have a system scattered amongst different platforms and your documents are in order (agreement and proposal templates), it can take just a couple of weeks.

Are there any extra costs involved?
The tool I’m going to create the system for you is Dubsado. It’s free for the first three customers/leads, then it costs 25usd per month. Honestly, to me, it’s the best tool out there for its simplicity, great customer service and value for money. I wouldn’t use it for my clients if I wouldn’t be 100% sure of its magic.

What will you need from me?
I will need the templates for your agreements and proposals, your branding colours, your logo, your availability to hold clients calls, your online payment details (paypal/stripe) to make sure you’re able to collect payments from your clients.

Are my details safe?
Yes, I only use LastPass as password manager, I’m GDPR compliant, and once the project is finalized, your details are going to be deleted within one month.

Interested? Book a free call and let’s make it happen!

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