Are you ready to become UNSTOPPABLE?

To work with more clients, make more money  and  FINALLY launch your online course?

Are YOU ready to turn your in-person training into online courses, so you can expand your impact and scale your business ?

Are you fed up of trading time for money

Not enough hours in the day and yet you've hit an income ceiling?

Do you want to launch your online program and finally stop overthinking it? 

Getting rid of all the doubts and overwhelm that made you put off this launch for months...

Introducing UNSTOPPABLE - my group program designed to help YOU launch your very first online training with zero tech overwhelm.

A program that purposefully guides you through all the steps you need to take to successfully launch your very own program.

If you are anything like my clients, turning your vision into reality has been just so hard.

You had big plans in mind: launching an online training has been in your to-do list for so long, but you simply haven’t made it happen.

The problem is that technology isn’t really your thing and you find it all quite hard.

You feel confused.

There are lots of options out there and researching all of them takes valuable time – time that you don’t have..

You’ve been busy with client work (read 1 to 1) - the work that pays the bill - that you just haven’t made the time.

Creating an effective online course means:

  • having a wider impact on your clients and making more money at the same time,
  • freeing up your time to invest it on your VIP clients,
  • taking a step back and spending more time with your family.

You might feel frustrated and overwhelmed at the amount of content to produce, the software and the setting up of payment systems.

Perhaps the reason you've never started is because you dread the hassle?

Maybe you moved that idea to the “one day, in the future when I will have more time/money/ideas...” department.

But that time has come.

The time to stop giving in to the excuse “I don’t know how to make it happen”or “I don’t have time”.

This is why I have created UNSTOPPABLE - Your First Online Course.

That’s exactly how I want you to feel: unstoppable.

Close your eyes and imagine: it’s the launch day.

You’re about to open the cart for your very first online course.

Everything is ready, and it felt so easy: you got guidance, support and total clarity over the whole process.

You feel confident, thrilled and excited.

It’s your chance to capitalise your knowledge, have a wider impact and leave a legacy behind.

It’s your chance to scale and have a more profitable business that is successful beyond pandemics, geography and time constraints: you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of your online business.

Get the guidance, support, and accountability you need to finally get your first online course out there.

Imagine how amazing it's going to feel seeing those payments flood in over the course of your launch..


10 ambitious entrepreneurs

6 weeks journey

Starting on January 4th


What’s included?

  • A small, intimate group of amazing business owners who you can journey alongside (limited to 10)
  • 6 Group Calls so you get to ask all your questions and we can brainstorm together (plus I’ll help you sort out all your tech challenges).
  • 1 one-to-one call so I can personally support you in this journey,
  • A Training Library to equip you with clear steps and the best tools/practice.
  • A Private Facebook Community to exchange ideas and stay accountable as you work on your online course.

What will we cover?

Week 1 - We plan and map out the whole structure and materials so you know exactly what needs to be created, improved or updated.

Week 2 - We understand how to make your course as pleasant as possible for your students, how to make content creation easy for you and avoid overwhelm.

Week 3 - We make sure you have picked the right platform + we start customizing it to make it really yours and put our course together.

Week 4 - implementation week: let’s breathe - during this week you will have a chance to focus exclusively on what needs your full attention: whether is content creation or uploading the content in your platform.

Week 5 - We learn the best tools to set up a sales page+ you get access to the bonus workbook to help you craft a winning sales page by sales expert Helen Sparks

Week 6 - We learn about payment methods and invoicing systems, so you get paid quickly and effortlessly + understand how to optimise your payments/invoicing process

BONUS: Final Q&A call in week 7 

Email Marketing Mastery video library (99euro value) - lifetime access to my quick and straight-to-the-point video tutorials to learn the ins and outs of Active Campaign and MailerLite.


Investment:749euro - Payment plans available

Bonus: by paying in full you get a 90 minute planning session (valued at 399€) to help you:

  • Map out and plan your whole launch event,
  • Make a final decision over the best tech to use,
  • Gain early total clarity over the steps to take to launch your course,
Payment Plan


6 weeks program
weekly Q&A 
lifetime access to the material
Lifetime access to the Email Marketing Mastery video library (99euro value)
4 x monthly installments of 190€
Payment Plan


6 weeks program
weekly Q&A 
lifetime access to the material
Lifetime access to the Email Marketing Mastery video library (99euro value)
2 x monthly installments of 375€
1 time Payment


Bonus 90 minute planning session valued at 399€
6 weeks program
weekly Q&A 
lifetime access to the material
Lifetime access to the Email Marketing Mastery video library (99euro value)

I designed UNSTOPPABLE to make sure you get to the end of the six weeks with a full, ready to launch course, however, this program may not be for you if:

You don’t have a clear idea about your course’s topic and whether your course is wanted/needed by your ideal client,

You’re not ready to invest in your business growth,

You are too paralyzed by all things tech and aren’t willing to learn how to make simple technology your #1 supporter

You’re a brand new business

You don't have a few hours a week that you can commit to the process

This program is perfect for you if:

You are fed up of trading time for money and have hit an income ceiling

You want to develop online programs that allow you to serve your clients and scale your business,

You want to feel confident knowing that your business is profitable even if you aren’t at your desk 24/7,

You've been thinking about creating a course but aren't sure where to start,

Your head is full of amazing plans and ideas but you just don’t have the knowledge or skills to properly turn your ideas into a successful online training

Why should you pick me?

I could tell you all about the different qualifications and degrees I have, but I’d rather you know this about me:

I have helped countless entrepreneurs bust through fear, uncertainty, perfectionism and helped them successfully launch their summits, memberships, online courses and more;

  1. I helped my clients Giada, Fanny and Avril create and launch their online courses after putting them off for months, wasting money on the wrong software and ultimately, struggling to bring their creation to the world.
  2. All of them now have a structure they keep launching regularly where they barely need to touch a single tech tool: everything is there, ready for them to use;
  3. So far I’ve lived in seven different countries, which means that I HAD to find a way to stay in touch with my family and my team.
  4. I tested loads of different tools to make communication, learning and projects enjoyable and manageable for everyone (yes, including my amazing 92 years old granny who video-calls me via Whatsapp).

Working with Alessia takes a lot of headaches away!

She’s always super clear about things that might sound complicated and overwhelming, but she knows how to make those easy and actionable.

It was amazing working with her because she recommended and proceeded to explain everything about all the tools I needed for my course launch, supporting me and helping on every step of the way!

I can now launch a million courses thanks to Alessia’s support and teachings, thank you so much!

Social media manager

I bought Kajabi and looked at it for months and months and months feeling not very motivated to get started with it.

It was not my forte to do the technology side: I had the course, you had the technology side and then we put those things together and made a great match.

So, within a few weeks, I now have a course up and running, which can just keep going: I can add material to it, and it’s just working so well.

Without you I wouldn’t have got this far!

Money Coach

Alessia really knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with.

She is patient and gives so much support and advice.

I highly recommend getting in touch with Alessia should you want to launch an online course, or are just stuck with anything technical and want to concentrate on your business and what you love doing, instead of getting lost and confused in tech!

Alessia is your woman.

I am so glad I found her on LinkedIn.

One of the best investments I have made. Thank you, Alessia!

Virtual assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds great but I have invested in other programs/laptop/software already and I can’t afford it now/don’t have the time.

If you are reading this page and you got to this point, my assumption is that you are strongly interested in UNSTOPPABLE.

We are all involved in other projects, however, you do make the time for what is a priority.

If launching an online program is a priority for you right now, then I suggest you join us, especially because there is a payment plan available.You can pay in up to four installments and get life-time access to all the materials and Q&A recordings, so even if something gets in the way, you can always catch up at a later date.

What results can I expect?

Provided you do the work, participate in the q&a and take active part in the program, at the end of the six weeks, you will have a course ready to launch: from the sales page and payment methods all up and running, to the whole content ready on your chosen platform.

I’ll be there to help you pick the RIGHT software according to your goals and budget, and you will have direct access to me any time you have a burning question or a doubt creeps up.

My goal is to make sure you have everything you need to launch your course over and over again with crystal clarity and confidence.

Which type of support will you offer?

We will have weekly group calls where you will be free to ask questions, brainstorm ideas and get all my support to get you unstuck, whether it is a matter of technical support or anything else.We will also have a Facebook community where you can ask all your questions outside the weekly calls.

Once I hit the BUY NOW button, what happens?

You will get an email from MemberVault inviting you to login and change your password. I will upload there all the weekly training, materials for the group program and the weekly Q&A calls.

What if I can’t make the weekly Q&A?

All the calls will be recorded and uploaded in MemberVault together with the rest of the materials. if you can’t make it live, you can send me your questions in advance and I’ll answer during the Q&A, so you can catch up on the replay at your own time.

What happens if I get overwhelmed?

I have developed UNSTOPPABLE so that whenever you feel overwhelmed, you have access both to me and the whole community for support.Plus the weekly calls and one-to-one session are exclusively focused on you: if you are unsure about a software you picked, or some features don’t work and you end up stuck and frustrated, I will guide you step-by-step during the calls to get rid of all these tech challenges.

I don’t have a clear idea for my course - can I join anyway?

Joining UNSTOPPABLE means that you already have an idea backed up by market research. When you join the program you are 100% sure that your online training is needed and wanted by your ideal client.

Technology is a huge source of frustration for me - how can i be sure I won't get stuck?

Don’t let this worry you. I’ll be taking you step by step through the process, providing you with video tutorials and you’ll have direct access to me during the q&a and in the group.The whole point of this program is to give you the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to use them.

If I have any problems, how can I contact you?

For any doubts or questions, you can always contact me at

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