Are you feeling overwhelmed because you feel like you need to be everywhere?
And wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing something you really love, like meeting clients, instead of constantly be creating new content?
If the answer is yes, keep reading. There is a simple yet super smart thing you can do to be more visible online without the overwhelm.




For those of you who have never seen me – I’m Alessia, Tech Expert for Online Business Owners – help my clients connect the dots of their backend so they can run a smooth and successful business.
I’m all for automation and running a streamlined business so you can focus on what you really love doing.

Today I’m going to talk about:

– how to avoid the stress of constantly creating new content

– how to reach more people or those who may have missed your previous posts

– how to work smarter so you have more time to spend doing what you REALLY LOVE DOING!

Why should you put so much time and efforts into creating ONE piece of content, that’s going to be shared a few times?
It’s smart to repurpose your content as much as you can!

Repurposing means to transform your piece of content into something else, for example from one blog post into a podcast.

Benefits of repurposing:

– you don’t always have to come up with new content,

– you drive more traffic to your site because you’re able to cover more platforms,

– your content is more visible, more people may miss posts or memes because they enjoy more videos,

– you optimise your time because you create the content once, then you can outsource the phase of repurposing and scheduling!

Ideas for repurposing: from ONE piece of written content you can create:

 – one short video with Lumen5,

 – one live video which then goes to YouTube with,

 – one podcast,

and much more..

Repurposing your existing content not only makes sure you spend time on what you really, truly love, instead of constantly creating new content, but it also:

– drives more traffic

– makes you more visible

– optimises your efforts in the content creation

What are YOU going to try? Just choose one or two and start from there. And don’t forget to download your Repurposing Checklist!


Alessia is a Tech Expert and rescues online coaches from tech disasters so they can easily grow, scale and automate their businesses.
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