What you Can Expect From an Email Marketing Intensive Day

Episode - 011- What you Can Expect From an Email Marketing Intensive Day

Seriously...what do you do during an Email Marketing Intensive day?

I’ve had many questions since launching it publicly, so I decided to have a whole episode talking about how you can get the most out of it.

The intensive day is for a small group of people (max 6) who are tired of wasting time and want to get started with email marketing or upgrade their current platform (Anyone fed up with Mailchimp who wants to change?)

Here is a sneak peek of what we will cover on the day:

  • Get all the foundations right to make sure your newsletter avoids going straight to the spam folder
  • Create a template for your newsletter so you can prepare an email in 30 seconds
  • Set up all you need for list building and for sharing your free resources with your audience

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Full transcription

Hello and welcome to Episode 11 of the Online Business Tech Hub. This is Alessia your host, tech expert for online coaches and consultants on a mission to rescue my clients from tech disasters. And today, we have a really cool episode because I want to tell you about the E-mail Marketing Intensive Day, which is a service that I recently launched during the workshop that I held last week, which I hope you managed to join.

Because I got several questions, I wanted to record an episode where I tell you about what you can expect from an e-mail marketing intensive day and what we do.

So you can get a better idea if this is something for you or to actually understand what happens during the day because I don't know about you, but when I hear about whatever intensive day, I feel like, oh my God, this sounds so much work and it's going to be intensive, of course, but in a negative way, it makes me feel almost like I get anxiety.

Maybe that's why I wanted to record this episode because actually, it's a lot of fun during the marketing intensive day. And I want to just first answer any question or thought you might have about it. So basically in this episode, I'm going to cover what we do during the day. Now, who is the email marketing intensive session for?

Well, usually because I work mostly with coaches and consultants, I have developed an intensive session for coaches and consultants who work online, and if you are really, you know, fed up and putting off lead generation, because technology is too hard, because it's too confusing because it's a source of frustration for you.

OK, so my goal is that you come along with confusion at the beginning of the day and you leave with clarity. So my mission is that at the end of the day, you will have a fully optimized newsletter platform that is absolutely 100 percent ready for you to use. And you also have total confidence using it because you know how to use the platform.

We cover a lot of different things during the day. But just to give you an idea, we cover how to set it up, how to optimize the platform so that your emails, your newsletters, your funnels have a higher chance of ending up in the main inbox and not in the spam folder. We cover how to create different lists, automation, and forms, landing pages. We cover how to share and embed your forms onto your website or wherever you want for maximum visibility.

We learn about how to design a newsletter creating templates so you can create a campaign newsletter in 30 seconds. We will also cover basic tags and segmentation. And then, last but not least, dealing with GDPR, how to make sure you are doing the right things and how to style your forms and pages so that you are actually following the GDPR regulation.

OK, the schedule of the day is we are starting at 9:30 in the morning UK time until about 4:00, 4:30 in the afternoon.

It's quite variable, so quite flexible. The ending date, the ending time, because it depends also on the group during the day. I'm there for you, so I'm going to show you and explain to you. But then there is also quite a big part of execution from your side. I want you to feel confident and have total clarity. One thing to keep in mind is that when you join an email marketing intensive, you've got to be ready to work.

OK, because as I mentioned, I'm going to show you step by step. I will take you by the hand and show you everything you need to do and set up.

But obviously, it's down to you to actually take action. Ideally, there shouldn't be distractions around you if you commit to joining for the intensive day make sure that you let your relatives, your husband, your kids know that you will be focused on that. And it's also important to keep in mind that we've got to be responsible and respectful of our own time and the other people that will join us. So it's a good idea to put your phone away in silent mode so you are not being disturbed and other participants aren't going to be disturbed by all the notifications and so on.

What happens actually during the morning? So the morning we focus on getting started with the right foot, we will set up the right foundation. We will understand how the platform that you chose works. We will set up the templates. So we will focus on all that part. That is really the foundation of using an email marketing provider. And then in the afternoon is the execution time.

So we will cover all the forms, the automation, creating groups, setting up your basic funnel, and so on. So the afternoon is really intense. Obviously, we will have a lunch break from 12:30-2:00. We have a lunch break so you can go and stretch your legs and get some fresh air because I don't really advocate focusing like spending the whole day in front of a screen without taking a breather outside, even if it's just around in your terrasse or your courtyard if there will still be a lockdown.

Next, the whole day will be recorded, so you will have access to the recording, you can download it, you can review it any time you want in the future, you will also get extra support for me from my side because you get 15 days of email access after the intensive day. So if something comes up, if you have a problem with something that is unclear, if you forgot how to do something and you don't remember, you know, which point in the video it is.

And you obviously maybe don't want to watch the whole recording of the whole morning and afternoon if it's only one tiny question. So I am there for you for the 15 days following the intensive day to answer all your questions. I don't want you to think that I would leave you on your own after the day, because that's absolutely not in my values. I always want my clients to feel supported because I don't want to leave them feeling alone.

Another question I get quite often if you need to have a list of contacts already. Well, no, actually, this is not necessary. If you have a list of contacts that have agreed, important, that have agreed to be in your email list and you can contact them legally, you can add them to your newsletter platform. We will definitely cover how to import the subscribers from another list, from another email marketing platform, from a CSV file.

But it is definitely not a prerequisite. You don't have to have a database of contacts. Absolutely not. I've got people joining the e-mail marketing intensive that are starting from scratch. They have zero contacts at all.

Another question that I get often is, what do you need to do beforehand? Well, one thing that is definitely important is deciding on which platform you want to work on. So the email marketing intensive is specifically designed for MailerLite and Active Campaign. There are different days for the MailerLite session and the Active Campaign session. You can listen to episode 6, where I tell you about the differences between Active Campaign and Mailer Lite so you can make an informed choice.

But if you're not sure about it and you still have questions and doubts, by all means, do a call with me. That is the link in the show notes. And then during the call, I can help you make the right choice for you. I understand that it can be a bit hard to make the choice, especially if you don't know all the ins and outs. But already Episode 6 of the podcast, is an excellent starting point.

If you're still unsure, definitely book a call with me. The other thing that you could prepare beforehand, that even though it's not mandatory, I just recommend it, is doing your freebie, your free resource. So how are you going to collect the subscribers? How are you going to get people to sign up for your email list? Usually, you would do it with a free resource, a PDF, a guided meditation, a video series, anything in exchange for their email address.

So ideally, when you join the email marketing intensive, it would be very helpful if you already have your lead magnet ready to use. It doesn't necessarily have to be the final version. You can obviously change it at any time, but it would be very, very useful if you would have the freebie ready to use or ready to share together with at least one email to send to welcome your subscribers when they join your newsletter and download your free resource.

That's it. It's really nothing that requires so much work. And last but not least, what if I'm not good with technology? OK, this is a question that I mean, I get it a lot, especially for my mentoring sessions. I really don't want you to worry about this because I will be guiding you through all the steps and the procedures. And I've got a lot of patience. I have taught my granny how to use Zoom, Skype, Pinterest, Facebook, and guys, she's 93.

So if I can teach my granny and 93 years old, I'm sure that I can teach you as well. I've got a lot of patience. And the whole point of this day is that you walk away with total confidence and knowledge about how to make the best out of your e-mail marketing provider. OK, so even if you're not good with technology, I will be there to guide you. And you also have the extra 15 days after the session, plus the recording. You have all the support in the world, OK, to make this happen. I don't want you to worry about it.

That's it for this episode. I really hope that this episode has been useful for you to understand if the email marketing intensive day is the right fit for you. As I said if you have any question whether it is figuring out if the intensive is right for you. Figuring out which platform is right for you, Active Campaign or MailerLite. If you have any type of doubts, just book a call with me, you will find the link in the show notes as well as the link for the upcoming intensive days for the next month.

That's it for today.

I will talk to you next time.