Alessia Pandolfi

Tech Expert for Online Coaches and Consultants

Are you an online coach who’s struggling with tech?

Do you want to grow, scale and seamlessly automate your business?


Kickstart your Email Marketing

Get clear on which newsletter platform is right for you and how you can attract more clients.

What I do

If you are an ambitious female entrepreneur, I can help you make peace with tech with the ultimate goal to scale your online business.

Tech can be hard, overwhelming and confusing BUT if you run an online business, technology is a VITAL component.

You don’t need to do it on your own though: I can be on your side as Tech Wonder Woman (a client of mine seriously called me that!) and help you succeeding beyond tech.

I can help you run your online business smoothly and effortlessly, by taking care of all the “behind the scenes” bits (the backend of an online business).

I make sure that not only are you visible but also that your prospects, subscribers and clients have the best possible experience navigating your free and paid products.

Ultimately? You focus on your zone of genius, forget about tech, feel unstoppable and on top of your game, all the while I’ll be taking care of every tech aspect of your business, so you don’t have to.

My mission? To help amazing women entrepreneurs like you have a stress-free tech experience while growing your online business.


Work with Me

Moving to the online space?


Here I’ll set you up on all necessary platforms and tools that you’ll need to transition smoothly to the online space!

Do you have big plans?

Thinking of launching an online course or a membership site?

Or maybe you’ve been thinking of a virtual summit or a challenge?I’ve got you covered!

Are you building an empire?

What if you could grow, scale and seamlessly automate your entire business to work like clockwork without you needing to touch a single tech tool?

How I Helped My Clients

Alessia helped me with my first virtual conference and it’s thanks to her that it went so smoothly.

She is a genius at taking the fuss out of organisation and technology and making it happen for you. I couldn’t have delivered such an enjoyable and successful conference without her help.

Helen Packham

Storytelling and Speaker Coach

Alessia has been my good tech fairy: thanks to her everything in my business is now perfectly tidy and streamlined. She’s super smart and committed, she works quickly and is very organized, she always has the perfect solution for any problem in no time and I can’t even count how much time I saved thanks to her, that I could then dedicate to more creative and profitable tasks.

Giada Carta

Soulful Mentor

Alessia is an IT wonder woman.

We launched the first online course in May, and Alessia made it so easy and fun.

There’s no way I could have done it without her. She’s capable and an absolute joy to work with.

Avril Carpenter

Weight loss hypnotherapist


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